Part time licences are only available for existing customers on old, licence-based pricing. For information about moving to new pricing, see this article.

Part-time user licences are for users who don't need to access the database every day. At Beacon we believe in pricing that's fair, transparent, and predictable, which is why we provide significant discounts for part-time users.

Note: Part-time licences are available on the Professional and Premium plans.

Beacon prices per user, per month, but we offer a discount for non-admin users of your database who only need to access the database infrequently:

  • 3 days per week: 40% discount

  • 2 days per week: 60% discount

  • 1 day per week: 80% discount

These discounts are mentioned on the pricing page, and used in the pricing calculator.

For example:

You're on the Professional plan, with two standard (£50/user/month) licences, and 1 part-time (3 days per week) licence. A 40% discount is applied to the part-time licence (bringing the cost to £30/user/month), so your subscription is £130/month.

Tip: For users who don't need to change things in your database, you can assign read-only licences (free).

How part-time users are monitored

Part-time users are monitored on a days per week model, starting on Monday. Each Monday, the number of days used resets.

If you have a user on a part-time licence who exceeds their allowed days, they'll see the following when logging in to Beacon:


Because we're friendly folks here at Beacon HQ, if your part-time users occasionally go over their allowed days, we'll let them off with a short "grace period".

Frequently asked questions

Can we change user licences in the future?

Yes! If you'd like to start out with a user on a part-time licence, and potentially switch them to a standard licence in the future, that's absolutely possible. This article has more information.

We have a flexible working policy where our team use the database 1 day each week, spread over the whole week. Do part-time users apply?

No. These users will need a licence that reflects the number of days they access the system each week. If they access the system every day, then a part-time licence isn't right for them.

One of our team only accesses the database one day each month. Can we have a reduced rate for them?

No. You'll need to assign at least a 1 day / week licence for them to access your database.

Can part-time discounts be applied for admins?

No. Part-time licences can only be assigned to non-admin users. Admins will need a standard licence.

Can our users share login details?

No. Sharing login details between team members is extremely insecure, and against Beacon's Terms & Conditions.

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