On 2nd February, we announced a big change to how Beacon is priced. This change is designed to be simpler, fairer, and better aligned with the value that Beacon drives you.

The new pricing plans are available on our pricing page.

We are not about to increase your price. If anything, you might save money on the new pricing model! Keep reading for more info.


What's changed?

Pricing based on contacts

Your price will be based on the number of contacts (people + organisations) you store in your CRM database.

As your database size increases, you can upgrade your plan to store more contacts. If you remove contacts from your database, then you can downgrade your plan.

Pricing based on features ("elements")

Your price will also be based on the "elements" of the database that you enable.

For example, if you're using a CRM for fundraising, you might choose to enable the following elements:

  • Fundraising - to accept donations online, manage grant applications, etc

  • Email integrations - to integrate with Mailchimp or Dotdigital

  • Finance - to categorise income for your finance team

If you only want to use Beacon for contact management, you might not enable any elements at all.

Farewell, licences 👋

We will no longer charge based on the number of user licences you've purchased. Part-time licences will also be removed as part of this change.

Each new plan has a maximum allowed number of users - who can all use the database as much as they like.

You'll still be able to make some users read only. (Read only users don't count against regular user limits)

Unlimited forms

On the new pricing plans, you can create as many forms as you like - we will no longer limit the number of forms you have.

0% platform fees on payments

Beacon will no longer charge a fee on payments you receive through Beacon forms. The fees charged by payment providers (Stripe, GoCardless, PayPal) will still apply - these are not fees paid to Beacon.

This change means that Beacon is now the most cost effective way for you to take payments online!

Switching over to the new model

Over the next 12 months, we'll be asking all customers over to the new pricing model.

Paying less?

If you end up paying less on new pricing, then Beacon will cost you less when we switch you over.

You can use this saving to add additional Beacon CRM features, or invest it elsewhere!

Paying more?

Not to worry! We're not about to increase your price.

When you switch over, we'll apply a discount to your account, to bring the price of the new plan down to what you're currently paying. (We'll share more details with you when we ask you to switch)

Frequently asked questions

Are you increasing our prices?

No. See the paying more section above for more info.

When can we switch?

We are steadily and carefully inviting customers to switch over to the new pricing over the next few months. If you'd like to switch sooner, please get in touch with us and we'll move you to the front of the list.

We're currently paying annually. What will happen when we switch?

Your new price will either be lower, or the same as what you're currently paying. If you end up paying less on the new pricing, then we'll apply a credit to your account for the amount that you've already paid for. This credit will be deducted from future invoices.

Are you allowed to just change your prices?

Yes - this is covered in clause 8.3. of our Terms & Conditions.

We believe in making these changes fairly, which is why we're providing a much longer notice period, and providing discounts if you end up paying more on the new plan.

If you have a signed 12 month contract with us, then we'll migrate you to the new pricing after the 12 month period has finished.

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