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Manage contacts, send email newsletters, and automate your campaigns

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Note: The Dotdigital integration is available on our Standard, Premium, and Ultimate plans.

Dotdigital (previously Dotmailer) is an email marketing and automation platform for marketers, allowing you to manage contacts, send email newsletters, and automate your campaigns.

With the Dotdigital app for Beacon, you can keep the two systems in sync - so there's no need for CSV uploads and manual data entry. And importantly - it means you won't accidentally email someone who's opted out of email communications.

You can also 1-click export people in Beacon to an address book of your choice in Dotdigital.


Export to address book

Want to send an email to a list of people that you have saved in Beacon? Export people to an address book of your choice in Dotdigital, in just a few clicks:

Subscriber import

When someone subscribes to your list in Dotdigital, their details (email, first name, last name) are automatically added as a person in Beacon.

Sync your opt-outs

When someone unsubscribes from your list in Dotdigital, the 'Email' channel is automatically removed from the 'Contact consent' field on the corresponding record in Beacon.

Similarly, when 'Email' is removed from the 'Contact consent' field in Beacon, you don't have to also unsubscribe them in Dotdigital - we'll do that for you.

Automatic export with workflows

Note: Workflows are separate element available to add from
the Standard and Premium plans.

You can also automatically export people to Dotdigital (optionally in a particular address book) automatically after they've submitted a Beacon form, using Beacon's workflows feature.

This is particularly useful if:

  • You'd like to automatically add new supporters into Dotdigital (no manual exports!)

  • You are using Dotdigital's programs feature to send automatic email drip campaigns

Install guide

You can set up the Dotdigital app for Beacon in minutes.

  1. Navigate to the apps directory in your Beacon sidebar, and click Install on the Dotdigital app.

  2. To connect Beacon with your Dotdigital account, you first need to connect your Dotdigital account with Beacon, by creating an API user in your Dotdigital > Settings > Access > API users.

  3. Click Connect with Dotdigital in Beacon, and add the API user email and password in Beacon:

  4. After connecting, you can choose to edit some app settings, although usually the pre-filled settings are fine for most organisations.

  5. Click Save Integration. That's it, you're done!

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