How to manage cancelled tickets

If someone cancels their event registration, how should you manage this in Beacon?

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Ideally, everyone who signs up to your events through your Beacon event registration form will end up coming to your event. But, where they can't, here's how to manage the cancellation process.

Delete the Event attendee & Ticket records

If someone isn't going to be attending your event, you should delete both their Event attendee and Ticket records so that they aren't counted towards your limits on any live event registration forms - you don't want them keeping the place of someone else who wants to buy a ticket!

If useful for understanding later why the record was deleted, you can add information in the 'Notes' field of the Ticket.

Keep any Payment records

Since it was still a transaction that happened, you'll likely want to keep the Payment record so that you have that history for your financial reconciliation.

If you're also refunding any amount they paid, you should make that refund within Stripe or PayPal. The amount in the 'Amount refunded' field of the Payment will automatically be updated.

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