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How to change gender options in Beacon
How to change gender options in Beacon

Add or remove options to fit your needs as an organisation

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Your Beacon database includes a default gender field on People records, with the following options:

  • Female

  • Male

  • Non-binary

  • Prefer not to say

Whilst we believe this will work for most of the charities we work with, Beacon applies its usual flexibility here so you can change it to options that work best for your organisation.

Note: We've taken the guidance from the Equality and Human Rights Commission as well as Stonewall, for these options in Beacon.

Warning: We think it's worth considering why you store any piece of data on a person, and the GDPR laws also highlight the need for specific purposes for storing and processing information. A couple of good questions to ask of your organisation: Do we need to know this person's gender? How do we use that information? Do we tell people how we will use this data?

How to add or remove gender options

Note: Only admins have access to customise records.

  1. On a person record, click the cog icon to enter customisation mode.

  2. Click on the Gender field.

  3. Type in a new option and hit Enter ↡ on your keyboard, or click the 'x' of an existing entry to delete it.

    Gender options

  4. Don't forget to click Save!

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