Bulk updating records

Adding the same information to multiple records in one go

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Adding the same information to multiple records can be time consuming to enter one-by-one. The solution? Welcome to bulk updates!

Getting started with bulk updates

Looking at your list view for your chosen record type, use the checkboxes to select which records you'd like to update. Alternatively, use a view or filter and then click the Select all checkbox.

Open the Action menu dots, and click Update.

Next, choose which field you'd like to update, and enter the details. This will replace the fields in all of the records you selected with the new data. You can add more than one field to update by using the Add update field button. You can update as many fields as you like!

Screenshot 2020-01-17 at 13.59.18

Some fields have options for how to manage the updated data, which is covered below.

Warning: Like life, there is no undo!

Add, replace, or remove information

Some field types you have extra options of how to handle the bulk update. For the following fields...

  • Drop down list

  • Point to another record

  • Link to a user

Screenshot 2020-01-17 at 13.52.23

...you have 3 options available:

  1. Add to existing values - Add the data to any existing data in the field, and will not remove any existing information.

  2. Replace existing values - Any data currently in the field will be replaced with the new data.

  3. Remove from existing values - If the selected information exists in the records, it will be removed. No new information will be added, and no data will be removed that isn't the selected data.

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