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Confirming oral Gift Aid declarations
Confirming oral Gift Aid declarations

Send donors email confirmation of their oral Gift Aid declarations to ensure their validity

Updated over a week ago

It's possible to collect Gift Aid declarations orally: in person, or over the phone. A signature or written statement is not a requirement. HMRC provide detailed guidance on this.

To ensure that an oral declaration declaration is valid, a confirmation email must be sent to the donor. Luckily, Beacon allows you to do this in a few clicks.

How to confirm an oral declaration

  1. Create a new Gift Aid declaration record for a person

  2. Set the 'Method' to "In person" or "Phone"

  3. Click 'Send confirmation'

  4. Make any relevant edits to the email, and then click 'Send'

  5. The person will receive the email confirming their declaration:

  6. The declaration will now be marked as confirmed

Additionally, the email is logged to the person's timeline - important for an HMRC audit.

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