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Collecting Gift Aid through the small donations scheme (GASDS)
Collecting Gift Aid through the small donations scheme (GASDS)
Claim Gift Aid on donations under £30 made via cash or contactless credit card
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Small donations can be claimed under Gift Aid for donations under £30, donated via cash or contactless credit card.

Unlike regular donations, you do not need to provide full donor information or Gift Aid declarations to claim on small donations.

After enabling Gift Aid, payments have a "Small donation?" checkbox. Checking this will flag the donation as a small donation.

Small donations have a different set of eligibility criteria:

On submission to HMRC, Beacon automatically buckets small donations into the tax year (ending) that they fall into as per HMRC requirements. For example:

  • 15th March 2019 = 2019

  • 3rd August 2019 = 2020

  • 3rd April 2020 = 2020

  • 7th April 2020 = 2021

See this page on eligibility for more information.

Note: You can claim on a maximum of £8,000 in small donations in a single tax year (equating to £2,000 of Gift Aid). Beacon does not check this for you - you need to make sure you don't accidentally claim too much.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to split my collection tin / donation bucket into £30 payments?

No! You can still mark a single large payment as a 'Small donation' if it's comprised of small cash amounts under £30. For example:

You empty your collection tin monthly, and this month you've collected £150 in donations. You enter this in Beacon as one £150 donation, and tick the 'Small donation' box on the payment. The payment gets added to a Gift Aid claim ready to be submitted.

If you'd like to track your collection tins in more detail, check out our how-to for managing your tins, buckets, shakers or pots!

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