Using fixed data in forms

Add specific data to all form submissions to help automatically categorise records

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Fixed data is a powerful way to add specific data to all the form submissions you receive that you don't need to ask the person submitting that form. e.g. On a donation form you can set all payments' 'Type' as 'Donation', since you know they all will be.

When forms are submitted, we automatically create the relevant records in your Beacon database. There's no manual entry required, but you'll probably want to make sure it's categorised in the right way.

For example, it might make sense to set the following on all new membership payments:

  • Type = Membership

  • Gift Aid allowed = No

  • Source = Website

Or, on new signups for an event you're running:

  • Status = Unconfirmed

  • Type = Participant

  • Notes = Signed up via online form

This is how the fixed data section helps you. It makes it easy to segment your data going forwards.

When new people, memberships, payments, subscriptions, or declarations are created via a Beacon form, Beacon auto-sets some fixed data on each record created (as well as the data that comes from the form). You can, however, customise the fixed data that Beacon sets to fit your needs:

Remember: Only fields that already exist on your records will be shown here, naturally. If you'd like to add a new field, add it on the record type first and it will automatically appear in these drop down lists.

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