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Managing your Columns

Change what you can see when viewing a list of records - a powerfully efficient first glance at your data

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Chances are, you'll have lots of information in your Beacon account - way too much to look through at one glance.

When you're looking at a list of records, there's going to be some information you want to see immediately, and some that you'll only want to see when you click into a record.

You can manage what you see, by editing Columns

Columns allow you to change what you can see - and when used in conjunction with Views, can provide a powerfully efficient way to look at your data.

How to utilise Columns on a Standard Record View

If you're an admin, this sections is for you! If you're not, fear not - you can still use columns. Scroll down and see how to utilise columns on a customised record view instead.

Now, remember that changing the columns that appear on a standard record view will change what everybody in your team sees. This is why it's something that can only be done by admins. However, it can be worth doing in order to make sure that the information most relevant to your team is showing as soon as they land on the record page.

So, let's head to our People record type to give this a go.

To amend what shows up, go to the Show & Hide Columns button on the top right of the page:

Click onto this, and you'll see a dropdown appear, listing all the fields that are on this particular record type. Click the ones you'd like to appear, and unclick the ones you'd like to disappear. As simple as that!

How to utilise Columns on a Customised Record View

This is something that can be done by admins and regular users alike, as it doesn't affect the main view that everybody can see, but specific views that you can select in the dropdown.

If you haven't got any of these set up already, then go to All People on the left hand side of the screen, and scroll down to Create a View

Click Create a View, and give your view a name. Leave the Type dropdown set on 'List', and choose whether this is a view that you want your colleague to be able to use, or not.

Once decided, click save!

Once your view has been created, you'll then be able to amend the columns. Head to the Show & Hide Columns button in the top right of the page.

In the dropdown that appears, you'll see a list of all the different fields you have on this specific record type. Tick the ones it'll be useful for you to see, and untick those you don't want to see!

Note: Beacon will automatically save the columns you've chosen - so there's no need to go looking for a save button!

The number of columns you want to see is likely going to differ on the data you'll need for various different purposes - so you can set up a number of views in order to ensure that you can always access the information you're after, nice and quickly.

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