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Exporting addresses to Google Maps
Exporting addresses to Google Maps

Quickly create multi-location maps to display a group of addresses from your Beacon account.

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For individual addresses, Beacon automatically displays a map that you can open and interact with, but when you want to display multiple addresses on the same map it's time to use the best tool for the job: Google Maps. You can even publish or embed your map on your website once you're done.

Creating or updating a map in Google Maps

Step 1: Export from Beacon

First, we need to get your data out of Beacon!

  1. Create an export template in your Beacon account, including these columns:

    • Name (Could be person's name, organisation name, event name, etc.)

    • Address line one

    • Address line two

    • City

    • County

    • Country

    • Postcode

  2. Filter your desired records for those you want to display on the map

  3. Select them and export, using your new template

Step 2: Upload to Google Maps

  1. Go to My Maps in your Google account

  2. Click on the map you'd like to add the locations to, or create a new map

  3. Click 'Import' and upload the file you'd exported from Beacon

  4. Select all address columns to set addresses

  5. Select your name column to set the label on each location

  6. Click finish - you've now got a map!

Tip: If you have any addresses that Google can't place, you can click 'Open data table' to fix them up

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