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Using QR Codes with Beacon forms

Direct to a form using a QR Code

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Beacon gives you the ability to generate a unique QR code that will direct potential supporters directly to your forms to make sure they see exactly what you want them to see. Instead of having to manually search for your form by entering a URL, they can simply scan the QR code and be taken directly to the form. This can increase the likelihood that they will complete the form and either become a supporter, sign up for an event or donate to a good cause!

Note: QR codes are two-dimensional barcodes that can be read by smartphones with a camera and a QR code reader app.

Why would you want to generate a QR code for your form?

QR codes are a great way to make it easy for your supporters to access your form without the hassle of clicking on links or typing out URLs. These codes can be placed on a wide variety of items, from products to flyers, posters to business cards, and even billboards - in short, anything that can be pointed at with a smartphone!

By using QR codes, you can make it more convenient for your supporters to engage with your form and show their support for your cause. So why settle for old-fashioned links and cumbersome URLs when you can harness the power of QR codes to make your form more accessible and user-friendly than ever before?

How to generate a QR code for your form

Generate your QR code at the click of a button!

  • First you'll need to navigate to your form:

  • Next you'll want to select the form you want to generate a QR code for - easy peasy!

  • Once you have made the final touches to your form and saved, click the QR button:

  • Download your newly generated QR code at the click of a button - bosh!

Tip: Make sure your supporters have a QR scanner and internet access to scan!

Warning: A QR code is unique and specific to only one form. Therefore, make sure to select the correct form before generating the code to avoid printing the wrong one. Nobody wants to say, "Oops!" after printing!

Frequently asked questions

What type of forms does this work for?

You can generate a QR code for any standalone form:

  • Signup

  • Donation

  • Event registration

  • Membership

  • Portal

Can I generate a QR code with URL parameters?

Yes absolutely!

Although the QR code generated for your form by Beacon doesn't contain URL parameters, you can construct your URL, including parameters of your choice, and then use an online QR code generator. Searching 'Free QR code generator' will get you lots of results!

Can I use QR codes with an embedded form?

Beacon's QR code is for the standalone form, but if the form is embedded on your website, you can follow the steps above and use your website URL with a free QR code generator!

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