Working with legacies

Storing and managing larger gifts left to you in a donor's will

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Legacies are usually sizeable gifts left to you in a donor's will - often the result of a long term relationship between a supporter and your charity.

When managing legacies in your charity, it is vital to approach all conversations with donors openly, respectfully and fairly (The Institute of Fundraising has a fantastic guide to this).

Beacon helps you manage legacies by letting you store all of the information that matters in one secure place, like documents, "legators" and the conditions that govern where the gift can be spent.

Creating legacies

Legacies in Beacon can be created just like any other record. Navigate to the legacies tab in the sidebar, and click Add Legacy.

You can set all of the standard data points you might expect, including:

  • Donor (person)

  • Date when the pledge was made (or is likely to be made)

  • Person in your charity responsible for the legacy

  • Value of the legacy


Managing legacy pipelines

Like grants, it's important to have a good visibility of where you're at with each legacy that has been pledged (or might be pledged) to your organisation.

Beacon's pipeline views can help with this.

Note: You'll likely want to use the stage field as the pipeline field to group by.

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