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Emailing and printing event attendees
Emailing and printing event attendees

Finding attendees - exporting, emailing and printing a list of people attending your event.

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So, you have your event set up in Beacon. Lots of people are signed up, and you're excited to get started. But how do you contact those attendees? And how do you print a list of them to ensure you're allowing the right people into your event?


Finding event attendees

Click into your People view. This will show you all of the people in your Beacon accounts, so we'll need to filter further.

To filter, select the 'Filter' option at the top right hand side of the page (the triangle of three lines). Click 'Add Filter', and then select 'Related Event attendees' - the default is set to show 'Number of Event Attendees is greater than 0' - and this is exactly what we want!

This will show all people who have registered to attend any of your events - so we'll want to filter further to ensure that we're only showing people who have signed up to attend the specific event you're dealing with.

To do this, click 'Filter Event attendees'. Click 'Add Filter', then from the dropdown select 'Event'. You can then type in the name of the event you're focusing on.

Click back to your list, and you'll have only people who have event attendee records for the event you want to contact them about.

How you email your attendees will depend on if you have Mailchimp connected to your Beacon account. If you don't, but do use Mailchimp, then go ahead and connect them before you continue reading (trust me, it'll make things much easier!)


Emailing event attendees (with Mailchimp)

To email your event attendees through Mailchimp, simply select all (the top checkbox), and then click the 3 dots that appear next to the number of people in the list. From the dropdown, select 'Export to Mailchimp', and you'll then be asked to select a Mailchimp Audience and Tag to export them to. Once done, click 'I have permission to email these people', and hit 'Export Now'

If you don't use Mailchimp, you'll want to export your event attendees to a spreadsheet so that you can email them through your preferred client.

Exporting event attendees

If you've exported any of your data before, this should be fairly straightforward. Follow the steps here. For emailing Event attendees I recommend utilising Export Templates, as you'll likely only want to export the name and email addresses of those you want to contact. Exporting to a CSV will enable you to copy and paste as required.

Printing a list of event attendees

To print a list of email attendees, follow the steps above, but I recommend exporting to a PDF this time. You can then print the PDF and utilise it to check who'll be coming to your event.

All that's left is to sit back, and to enjoy your event!

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