How to import your data from BT MyDonate

Easily import donation data from BT MyDonate using a Beacon standard import template

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You can easily import data from BT MyDonate into beacon using our automated import template.

Importing from BT MyDonate

  1. Download your donates data from BT MyDonate as a CSV file.

  2. If you haven't already set up an import template for BT MyDonate, have a read of this article, and then go to Import templates > Manage templates.

  3. Create a new template, and choose the BT MyDonate - Donations template. Click Create.

  4. You'll see that all of the template settings have already been pre-set. Feel free to review them and make the appropriate changes - and then save the template.

  5. Go to Import data > Run import. Upload your CSV from BT MyDonate, and start the import. Once the import is finished, you'll see this:

Screenshot 2019-04-11 at 15.27.42
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