Importing from JustGiving

Importing past JustGiving data with a Beacon standard import template

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Note: Beacon has a JustGiving app, which auto-imports your JustGiving data going forwards. You can still use this guide, but we'd recommend you only use CSV imports for importing past JustGiving data.

Importing from JustGiving

You can easily import data from JustGiving into beacon using our pre-built import library template:

  1. Download the donations report from JustGiving as a CSV file.

  2. If you haven't already set up an import template for JustGiving, have a read of this article, and then go to Import templates > Manage templates.

  3. Create a new template, and choose the JustGiving - Donations template. Click Create.

  1. You'll see that all of the template settings have already been pre-set. Feel free to review them and make the appropriate changes - and then save the template.

  2. Go to Import data > Run import. Upload your CSV from JustGiving, and start the import. Once the import is finished, you'll see this:

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