How to import your donations from Benevity

Add any donations you receive via Benevity into your Beacon database with a pre-built import template

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Benevity are a global payroll giving and corporate donation matching platform based in Canada. Beacon makes it simple to add any donations you receive via Benevity into your Beacon database with a pre-built import template.

If you haven't already, you can familiarise yourself with the general import process here.

Before you start

So that your Benevity payments are correctly imported and easy to filter for later, add 'Benevity' to the 'Source' field on your Payment record type.

Note: You'll need to be an admin to edit fields.

Download donations report from Benevity

There is only one report needed from Benevity to bring your donations into Beacon.

  1. Log in to your Benevity Causes Portal

    Benevity login

  2. Click on 'Reports' in the sidebar

    Benevity reports

  3. Click on the 'Reports' dropdown for the disbursement you'd like to add to Beacon, and choose 'Download Detailed Report'

    Download Benevity report

  4. Open the file and remove any summary detail and footer/totals

    Remove Benevity header/footer

  5. Save as a .csv file

Importing donations

Important: Make sure you've already updated your source field before creating your Benevity import template.

Initially, we'll add the Benevity import template:

  1. Head to Import data > Manage templates in your Beacon sidebar

  2. Click 'Create template'

  3. Give your template a name (such as 'Benevity donations') and select the pre-built Benevity template from the dropdown list

  4. Review the template, adding any additional information needed, and click 'Save template'

Nice one: You're set up and ready to import your Benevity donations!

Head to Run import in your sidebar, choose the Benevity template you created, and upload your .csv file. Import away!

Frequently asked questions

Does Beacon include matched amounts when imported?

Yes. By default, the import template will set the total donation received (donated amount + matched amount) to the 'Amount' field on the payment.

If you'd prefer to only have the donated amount (without the matched amount) you can change it in the import template.

Why do I get an error when I try to import?

If you get an error about missing columns, it's likely that you haven't removed the summary/totals in the spreadsheet before trying to import. Make sure you remove any header summary details and donation totals on the sheet.

Remove Benevity header/footer
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