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Importing from Fundraise Up

Use our pre-built templates to easily export from Fundraise Up and import into Beacon

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Fundraise Up is a modern online giving and donation processing platform based out of Brooklyn, New York. They have a variety of advanced tools to help charities of all sizes collect and manage their donation processes, and we've built an end-to-end template system to make it a breeze to get that data into your Beacon account.

Setting up

Step one: Add new drop-down options in Beacon

There are a variety of options within Fundraise Up that need to be added to the relevant fields in Beacon before creating your import templates.

Edit the drop-down fields in this table to add the new options, which will be used when you're importing data.

Record type


Options to add



Fundraise Up

Payment method








Fundraise Up

Payment method








Every 4 weeks



Fundraising pages


Fundraise Up

Step two: Add Fundraise Up import templates to Beacon

There are 4 import templates to bring in Fundraise Up's different fundraising datasets:

New donations

Fundraise Up donations can be comprised of both peer-to-peer fundraising and direct donations. These will both be created as individual Payments, linked to the People who were the donor and fundraiser, the Fundraising page it relates to, as well as any relevant Campaign or Fund ('designations' in Fundraise Up). Any regular donations will also be linked to Subscriptions.

Cancelled recurring plans

The details of a donor's regular giving in Fundraise Up is called a 'plan'. These will be created as Subscriptions in Beacon, linked to the Person who is the donor, and importing the cancelled ones will ensure your records are all up to date.

New P2P Fundraisers

Fundraise Up have fundraising pages called 'P2P fundraisers'. These will be created as Fundraising page records in Beacon, linked to the Person who is fundraising.

Gift Aid declarations

Whilst Fundraise Up will collect details of those who would like to add Gift Aid to their donations, bringing this data into Beacon makes it seamless to claim this Gift Aid alongside any other donations in your Beacon account. This import will create Gift Aid declaration records for those who did, and any eligible donations will then be added to your open claim.

If this is your first import, and you've added the options to your fields above, you'll need to add the four Fundraise Up import templates to your account:

  1. Head to Import data > Manage templates in your Beacon sidebar

  2. Click 'Create template'

  3. Give your first template a name (such as 'Fundraise Up - New donations') and select the pre-built 'Fundraise Up - New donations' template from the drop-down list

  4. Review the template, adding any additional information needed, and click 'Save template'

  5. Repeat steps 1-4 for each of the other templates:

    1. Fundraise Up - Cancelled recurring plans

    2. Fundraise Up - New P2P Fundraisers

    3. Fundraise Up - Gift Aid declarations

Step three: Add Beacon export templates to Fundraise Up

We've carefully crafted export presets within your Fundraise Up account that perfectly match with the import templates you've just created.

There are only 3 export templates to create:

  1. New donations

  2. Cancelled recurring plans

  3. New P2P Fundraisers

If this is your first export, you'll need to add these 3 export templates to your Fundraise Up account:

  1. Head to Exports in the Fundraise Up menu bar

  2. Choose the 'Templates' tab

  3. Click the '+ New template' button

  4. Select 'New donations' as the 'Export type'

  5. Head to the 'File columns' tab and choose the Beacon option from the '+ Apply a preset' button

    Tip: If you have any custom fields in Fundraise Up, you can also include these! See our FAQ for more information.

  6. Save your changes

  7. Repeat steps 1-6 for the two other export templates:

    1. Beacon - Cancelled recurring plans

    2. Beacon - New P2P Fundraisers

Importing your data into Beacon

Export your data from Fundraise Up

When you're ready to import new data from Fundraise Up into Beacon, we first want to run our 3 exports from Fundraise Up.

  1. Head to Exports in the Fundraise Up menu bar

  2. Choose the 'Templates' tab

  3. Click the export button next to a Beacon template, and choose the date range you'd like to include

  4. Repeat for the other templates. You should now have three CSV files ready to use for your upload to Beacon.

Run your imports

Now that you have your data from Fundraise Up, you are ready to import them into Beacon.

You'll want to run the imports in a specific order to ensure your information is as accurate as possible:

To import your data:

  1. Head to Run import in your Beacon sidebar

  2. Choose the 'Fundraise Up - New P2P Fundraisers' template

  3. Upload your New P2P Fundraisers CSV file, and run the import

  4. Repeat steps 1-3 for each sheet and template you created, in this order:

    1. Fundraise Up - New P2P Fundraisers

    2. Fundraise Up - New donations

    3. Fundraise Up - Gift Aid declarations (use the same spreadsheet as the 'New donations' import)

    4. Fundraise Up - Cancelled recurring plans

Well done! Your data should now all be in Beacon!

Frequently asked questions

How do I include custom fields from Fundraise Up?

Our Beacon export presets and import templates will include all of the core functionality in your Fundraise Up account, but you may want to also include custom questions/fields that you've added.

To include them in your imports:

  1. First, complete steps one and two from 'Setting up'

  2. In step three, add the custom fields as columns in your Fundraise Up export templates. You'll still want to start with the Beacon preset as your base, but extra columns are fine!

  3. Export a sample of data with your extra columns, and add it as the example CSV in the relevant import template in Beacon.

  4. Map your new columns to the fields in Beacon that are storing that information, or create a new field to store it.

  5. Save your template - you're ready to roll!

How do I manage payouts from Fundraise Up?

Fundraise Up, like Beacon, uses payment processors who pay you directly for any donations charged by them. Most commonly this will be Stripe, though they also have PayPal and Gemini.

To reconcile payments, you can either:

  1. Reconcile external to Beacon for these transactions, following Fundraise Up's reconciliation guidance


  2. If you have the Finance element in Beacon, add the Payments to a Payout and then reconcile as you would for all other transactions in Beacon. Follow the steps below...

To create Payouts for Fundraise Up donations:

  1. Export a payout report from the payment processor (e.g. Stripe)

  2. Create an import template for Payments, mapping the payment ID (e.g. the ch_ ID from Stripe) to the 'External ID' of the payment, and the payout information to the relevant fields on the Payout record type.

    Tip: For processors that don't use a unique reference on your bank statement (e.g. Stripe uses "STRIPE") we recommend mapping the payout ID to both 'External ID' and 'Reference' fields on the Payout so that you can use it to match when reconciling. To map to two fields, create a smart column in your import template to duplicate the payout ID.

  3. Set the deduplication to use the 'External ID' field for both Payments and Payouts

  4. Set the create and update behaviour for Payments to be 'Update only'

  5. Set the create and update behaviour for Payouts to be 'Create and update'

  6. Run the import

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