Create/add a new field

Storing information that doesn't quite fit in existing fields

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Heads up! This is a guide for admins. If you're not an admin yet, ask your Beacon admin to promote you so you can start managing fields.

Below is a quick video on adding fields. Watch this, or scroll down to read our written instructions.

If you have information about a record that doesn't make sense to live in one of the fields already available, you'll need to add a new field.

  1. Open up a record in Beacon and enable customisation mode by clicking on the cog in the top right.

    Note: you will only be able to enter customisation mode when viewing a record. If you're still in the list view of 'all' records, you will not be able to see the customisation cog wheel. No records in this list yet? Create a blank record and start from there!

  2. Click anywhere on the white space of the card that you'd like to add the new field to.

  3. Click Create new field on the right:

  4. Give your new field a name, and choose the type of field that you'd like to create. Here's a full list of field types. Then click Create!

  5. Click Save in the bottom right hand corner.

For more information, check out the full guide on customising records.

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