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How to edit a field

Changing details about a field - the name, help text, dropdown-options, and more

Updated over a week ago

Changing details about a field is quick and easy. Change help text, rename a field, re-order or add drop-down list options, and more.

You will need to be an admin in order to do this!

View a quick video on this below, or scroll down to view written instructions:

  1. Enable customisation mode by clicking on the cogwheel in the top right of a record

  2. Click the field you'd like to edit (directly on the field, not the card)

  3. Change any details you need

  4. Click Save

  5. Click Finish Customising

Note: You can't change the type of a field (e.g. from a drop down field to a checkbox) as Beacon won't know how to change any of the data already stored in the field. Simply create a new field!

Warning: If you need to change/rename a dropdown list option (e.g. from 'Volunteer' to 'Active volunteer'), create the new option and use a bulk update to change them over to the new option before deleting the old option. See here for full details.

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