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Create your first few records
Create your first few records

Learn to manually input and edit data into Beacon

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Records are how your data lives in Beacon.

Think about all of the different types of data you might be working with each day:

  • People

  • Events

  • Payments

  • Campaigns

All of these can be stored as records in Beacon, saved and organised in one simple and secure place. You can access this data from any device or location.

Creating records

To create a new record, choose the People tab in the sidebar.

Note: Don't worry if your sidebar looks a bit different to the picture above - you'll only see the record types that are relevant to your organisation.

Click Add Person, enter some details (you don't need to complete every field!) and click Create.

That's it!

We've just created a Person record, but this approach is the same for every kind of record.

Updating records

It's simple to edit records once they've been created too. Just open up the record, and update the fields you want to change. Beacon will immediately save that information so you can carry on with your work.

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