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Invite your team members
Invite your team members

Invite your colleagues to your account as Beacon users

Updated over a week ago

Beacon is better when your colleagues have access too! Invite your team members to join you in your account.

Inviting team members to Beacon

  1. Go to the Team members page in your Settings

  2. Click the Invite button in the top right of the page

  3. Enter your colleague's name and email address

  4. Select what type of user this person should be; Admin user, Regular user, or Read-only user.

  5. If you have Roles & permissions enabled on your account, select the role you would like this person to be in.

    If you want to edit permissions, or add a new role, go to Roles and permissions in your Settings).

  6. Click to 'Send invite'! Your team member will receive a link in their email to accept the invitation and set up a password.

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