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Can Beacon be used to run an online raffle or lottery?
Can Beacon be used to run an online raffle or lottery?
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No. Beacon is not licensed with the Gambling Commission and you must not use Beacon to manage raffles or any other kind of lottery or gambling.

Doing so would be a breach of Beacon's Terms and Conditions under Schedule 1, Section 2.2. Sorry!

Frequently asked questions

What if our charity has a licence to run lotteries or raffles?

Whilst that will allow your organisation to run a lottery in general, any software used to take money for them, or draw winners, also needs to be licensed by the Gambling Commission. This license is very expensive, and we don't have a lottery/raffle product, so have no plans to apply for this licence.

There are also rules around payment methods - for example credit cards cannot be used to buy raffle or lottery tickets, and Beacon's forms do not allow you to restrict payments to debit cards.

Can I import data into Beacon from our external raffle or lottery platform?

Yes! As long as you aren't taking entries or payments via Beacon forms, or using Beacon to choose a winner, you can import the data of those who entered into your account.

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