Adding file uploads to forms

Allow people to submit files with any Beacon form

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Beacon allows files to be submitted with any Beacon form. It's a great way to let users verify identity documents, apply for job or volunteer postings with a CV, even submit projects with a Powerpoint presentation or Word document. Or maybe you just want a selfie.

  1. Secondly, make sure there is a File upload field, or create one, on the record you're wanting to upload to (such as the 'Attachments' field on an Event attendee or Person record).

    File upload field type

  2. Lastly, select that field when you add a field to a section of the form. Fill in a description, and select which file types you'd like to be allowed.

Note: We deliberately limit the types of files that can be uploaded to minimise risk of viruses. Your data is important to us! If you need a particular file type that isn't listed, get in touch with us.

File types for form attachments

You're done! View your form and give it a try.

File upload on a form

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a file size limit?

Yes, files are limited to 50MB each (the same limit as adding files direct to a record in Beacon). If you're wanting to receive larger files from supporters, you can have them upload to a file sharing service such as Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive, and then share the link with you instead.

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