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Accepting privacy policies or terms through forms
Accepting privacy policies or terms through forms

Logging acceptance of Policies and Terms within your Beacon forms

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When it comes to your supporters accepting Terms & Conditions or Privacy Policies within Beacon forms, there are two questions we must ask ourselves: Firstly, would this be acceptance data you need to store within your database? Or would you simply like to know the policies have been accepted through the form, without logging this directly?

Knowing the answer to this question will provide two separate solutions, both of which will be elaborated for you below.

Do you need to store this data?

No, I don't need to store the data but do want to make sure they accept the policies.

No need to store the data, but still want to make sure they've agreed? No worries at all!
Here we would recommend using the 'Submission Requirements' section on the forms, allowing you to calibrate what you want the submitter to agree to, in order for the submission option to become available.

What you would be looking to do is to add a section for text, and then select the Submission agreements checkbox option!

In the section, you will be able hyperlink to the policy in question, and ensure that the user accepts confirms acceptance of this policy by checking the box. Only then will they be able to submit the form, so you'll be absolutely certain!

Note: This will not populate a field on a record upon submission. You will not need to have a separate field within Beacon to log that this was consented to, as the form being submitted would provide the proof required!

Yes, I need to store the data about accepting the policy.

In the case you do want to store the exact acceptance data, you should add a field to Beacon to store this information. The easiest field type would be to use a Checkbox field.

First, create your field, then add it to your chosen section on the form as a question.

Note: Checkbox fields will only populate based on 'Yes' answers (ie. whether the checkbox was ticked)

Tip: If all submitter should accept your terms, we would suggest making this a required field to ensure all form submissions include this data!

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I want to log 'Yes' OR 'No' answers?

Great question! If you're looking to allow people the option to say 'no', using the Radio Buttons option would be the way to go! (Poetry)
You can do this by editing the Checkbox field you are wanting to link to the form - clicking on 'Checkbox' - which will then bring up the option to change this format into separate buttons.

What about form signatures?

We would advise against including a form signature option as the form submission log after accepting is sufficient!
However, if you want a pseudo-signature, you can have the form submitter type their name again in a short text field.

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