Submission agreements

Add mandatory checkboxes to your forms

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Sometimes you need supporters to acknowledge or accept terms and statements in order to submit a form, but because everyone submitting the form will tick the box you don't need that stored in a field in Beacon. Submission agreements enable you to add these mandatory checkboxes to any form.

Adding submission agreements

To add a submission agreement to your form

  1. Click the 'Add section' button at the bottom of the 'Form sections' part of your form

  2. Choose 'Submission agreement' from the section options



  3. Add one or more checkboxes, and save your form

  4. Your form will now require people to tick those boxes before being able to submit the form!

Tip: Submission agreements are specifically designed not to be stored anywhere in Beacon. If you'd prefer to have that stored as data, add a checkbox field in Beacon to your form as a question.

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