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How to bring your historical Enthuse data into Beacon

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Enthuse is a popular peer to peer fundraising and donations platform, and is the official partner of the London Marathon and Great Run events. Beacon's Enthuse app integration is the easiest way to get your new Enthuse fundraising data into your account, but for when you want to import historical data we've created a variety of pre-built import templates to make this easy!

If you haven't already, you can familiarise yourself with the general import process here.

First we'll add the pre-built templates to your account, then you can export your data from Enthuse and run the imports.

Create Enthuse import templates

There are 5 import templates to bring in Enthuse's different fundraising datasets:

Supporters (required first)

Your supporters in Enthuse will be a mix of donors and fundraisers. To ensure everyone's details are complete, and are referenced correctly by your payments, they should be imported first. This import will only create People records in your account.

Important: This import will set Enthuse IDs for each of your supporters in your 'Previous database ID' field on People. If you have any existing data in that field that you need, we suggest exporting or moving that data to another place.


Enthuse payments can be comprised of both fundraising and direct donations. These will both be created as individual Payments, linked to the People who were the donor and fundraiser, and the Fundraising page it relates to. Any regular donations will also be linked to Subscriptions.


The details of a donor's regular giving in Enthuse is called a 'schedule'. These will be created as Subscriptions in Beacon, linked to the Person who is the donor.

Fundraising pages (Personal) & Fundraising pages (Team)

Enthuse have both personal and team fundraising pages. Both will be created as Fundraising page records in Beacon, linked to the Person who is fundraising.

If this is your first import, you'll need to add these 5 Enthuse import templates to your account:

  1. Head to Import data > Manage templates in your Beacon sidebar

  2. Click 'Create template'

  3. Give your first template a name (such as 'Enthuse Supporters') and select the pre-built 'Enthuse - Supporters (Required first)' template from the dropdown list

  4. Review the template, adding any additional information needed, and click 'Save template'

  5. Repeat steps 1-4 for each of the other templates:

    1. Enthuse - Payments

    2. Enthuse - Schedules

    3. Enthuse - Fundraising pages (Personal)

    4. Enthuse - Fundraising pages (Team)

Export data from Enthuse

Once your templates have been created in Beacon, you can then export your data from Enthuse. You'll run an export for each template you created.


  1. Click on 'Accounts' and then 'Supporters' in the menu

  2. Click 'Export'


  1. Click on 'Accounts' and then 'Payments' in the menu

  2. Select the filters for the payments you'd like, and click 'Search'

  3. Click 'Export'


  1. Click on 'Accounts' and then 'Schedules' in the menu

  2. Select the filters for the schedules you'd like, and click 'Search'

  3. Click 'Export'

Fundraising pages (Personal)

  1. Click on 'Manage' and then 'Personal Fundraise Pages' in the menu

  2. Select the filters for the pages you'd like, and click 'Search'

  3. Click 'Export'

Fundraising pages (Team)

  1. Click on 'Manage' and then 'Team Pages' in the menu

  2. Select the filters for the pages you'd like, and click 'Search'

  3. Click 'Export'

Import your data

Now that you have your data from Enthuse, you are ready to import it into Beacon.

  1. Head to Run import in your sidebar

  2. Choose the Enthuse - Supporters template that you created

  3. Upload your supporters CSV file and run the import

  4. Repeat steps 1-3 for each sheet and template you created

Well done! Your data should now all be in Beacon!

Frequently asked questions

Why are the payment and subscription IDs from my imports different to the IDs from the Enthuse app?

The publicly available IDs in your Enthuse account are not guaranteed to be unique, which means that Beacon can't use them for our app integration. We use a different, non-public, globally unique ID, that Enthuse make available via their API to ensure that our integration works correctly.

If you'd like Enthuse to make this ID available to you for reconciliation or cross-referencing, we'd recommend reaching out to Enthuse to let them know! You can contact them via the message button in the bottom right of their website or emailing [email protected].

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