The Enthuse platform provides digital donation, fundraising and event registration technology, all under your cause’s brand.

Enthuse is also the official fundraising partner for the London Marathon and Great Run events.

With the Enthuse app for Beacon, you can rest assured that all of your donation and fundraising data is automatically imported into your Beacon database, structured and stored in the way that's right for you.



Donations import

When someone makes a donation in Enthuse, Beacon will automatically add the donation as a payment in Beacon. This will include details like the amount and payment date, and you will see in the payment's timeline that it was created by the Enthuse app. Beacon will also import subscriptions if a regular donation has been set up via Enthuse.

There are some useful fields that are set when donations are imported:

1. Payer

If the donor allowed Enthuse to pass their data to your organisation, then the donor will automatically be added as a person in Beacon, allowing you to see the history of all of their payments in your database:

If the donor requested to remain anonymous then the payer field on the payment will be blank.

If the donor already exists in Beacon (we'll check this based on the their email) then we'll update their existing person record. This works the same for the fundraiser, below.

2. Fundraiser

Beacon will import the fundraiser responsible for each donation, setting them on the fundraiser field on the payment record. Helpfully, this allows you to quickly see how much a person has fundraised for you when viewing their person record:

3. Fees

As standard, Beacon will set the fees charged by Enthuse in both the Gateway fees and the Total fees fields.

If your Enthuse fee model is for donors to cover fees then donors are shown the following in Enthuse:

If the donor ticks this box, then we will add the extra amount into the Amount field, and we'll set this amount as the Covered fees field.

If you use the Tipping model, tips left by donors will not be shown in Beacon.

Fundraising pages import

When a supporter creates a new fundraising page for you in Enthuse, Beacon will automatically create a new fundraising page record. You can also configure the app to only create fundraising pages once the first donation has been received.

Install guide

1. Request credentials from Enthuse

First up, you need to contact the Enthuse team and request a Client ID and Client Secret.

2. Add your details into Beacon

Now you have your Enthuse credentials, you can connect with Beacon! Head over to Apps > Directory and click Install on the Enthuse app.

You'll immediately be prompted to connect with Enthuse:

You can then enter our Client ID and Client Secret:

Once you've entered all of the details, click Connect.

Review the settings and then click Save integration.

Nicely done! Enthuse is now connected to your Beacon account!

Frequently asked questions

Does Beacon import all of my Enthuse data, or just donations that happen in the future?

Our Enthuse app is forward-looking. It only imports donations that are made after the Enthuse app is installed, and only imports fundraisers and fundraising pages that are created after the Enthuse app is installed.

Going forwards we will be building a system to "bulk-import" all of your existing Enthuse data. For now though, you can use our CSV import templates to import your existing data.

Is there a delay in data being imported into Beacon?

When a new payment or fundraising page is created, you can expect to see it in Beacon within 5 minutes.

Do you import event and ticket data?

Not yet. In the future we'll be expanding the capabilities of our Enthuse integration to include event management. For now, only donation data is imported.

How is Gift Aid handled?

At the moment, we assume that any donations marked as Gift Aid eligible in Enthuse have their Gift Aid claimed by Enthuse. These payments will be imported into Beacon marked as "Gift Aid claimed". Gift Aid Declaration information isn't passed from Enthuse to Beacon, so you would need to collect a Gift Aid declaration separately in order to claim Gift Aid on Enthuse donations through Beacon.

How are fees calculated?

Enthuse calculates fees in different ways depending on your Enthuse plan. Beacon stores the total of these fees on the payment record.

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