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MuchLoved integration

Automatically import MuchLoved donations, donors, and tribute pages

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MuchLoved are a UK bereavement tribute and fundraising site, allowing people to create pages in memory of loved ones and raise money for causes they cared about. Beacon's MuchLoved integration automatically adds any donations you receive via MuchLoved into your Beacon database, as well as the tribute pages they are for.

Fun fact: Beacon was the first CRM with a MuchLoved integration!

Install guide

To connect your MuchLoved account to Beacon, you'll first need to request an 'API key' and an 'App ID' from MuchLoved. To request these, email MuchLoved directly and let them know you're connecting to your Beacon account.

Note: The MuchLoved app is available on all Beacon plans with the Fundraising element.

Beacon uses MuchLoved's 'Tribute API' to retrieve full information from your MuchLoved account. MuchLoved restrict access for this to their Optimum Partners, so isn't available on any lower plan/tier.

Once you have your API key and App ID ready, follow the steps below in Beacon:

  1. Head to Apps > Directory in your sidebar, and click 'Install' on the MuchLoved app

  2. Click 'Connect with MuchLoved', enter your API key and App ID, and click 'Connect'

  3. You've now connected to MuchLoved - but make sure to save the page at the bottom!

Success: You're connected to your MuchLoved account! Any new tribute pages and donations will start flowing into your account. If you'd like to import historical data, see our guide here.

Frequently asked questions

What information does the app import?

Beacon will create the following types of data from MuchLoved:

  • People (both donors and fundraisers)

  • Payments (donations directly, or via tribute and dedication pages)

  • Fundraising pages (tribute pages)

  • Payouts (if you have the Finance element)

How quickly is new data from MuchLoved added to Beacon?

Data from MuchLoved will appear in your Beacon account within a few hours, and often much quicker!

Keep in mind that some information will come into your at different times. For example:

  1. A Fundraising page and fundraiser will be created when someone sets up their tribute page

  2. A Payment and a Donor will be created once a page receives a donation

  3. A Payout will be created when MuchLoved pay you each month

Does Beacon import all of my MuchLoved data, or just donations that happen in the future?

Our MuchLoved app is forward-looking. It only imports donations that are made after the MuchLoved app is installed.

You can use our pre-built CSV import templates to import your historical data.

How is Gift Aid handled?

Any donations where MuchLoved claim Gift Aid for you will be marked in Beacon as 'Gift Aid claimed?' being ticked. These payments won't be added to claims in Beacon, so you won't claim on them twice.

How is contact consent set?

If a donor or fundraiser opts-in to provide their data to you in MuchLoved, the data will be available for Beacon to import. We allow you to choose how to set contact consent for imported donors and fundraisers in your app's settings (which depends on your consent statements in MuchLoved):

How does Beacon deduplicate records brought in through the MuchLoved integration?

Beacon will deduplicate records in the following ways:

  • Fundraising page - External ID

  • Payment - External ID

  • Payout - External ID

  • Person - Name & Email

What happens if I change my MuchLoved username or password?

No problem! Our app connects directly to your MuchLoved account, not via any one user, so changing your login details won't affect your integration.

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