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Adding logos to emails

Adding logos to your outbound email communication from Beacon

Updated over a week ago

Thinking of adding some customisation to your emails from Beacon? Look no further! Customise your emails by adding your logo, keeping your branding through each step of your supporter's journey.

Where will my logo appear?

Before we get to the set up of the feature - Let's clarify where it will be used. Where does this appear exactly once this is set up?

The logo will be visible on the top of the emails sent from these places:

For a visual as to how your logo will be displayed, please find the examples below:

Note: When you change the logo image used, all email communication types will be affected from the change. All new emails sent from that point will show the updated imagery.

How do I set up this feature?

Great question! You will be able to set this up by heading to your Settings and then heading over to Charity preferences.

Once you're within the Settings > Charity preferences page, you'll be able to see where to add the image under Logo.

Simply choose the image you want to upload, and once you see it displaying within the grey image box above you're good to go!

Note: You'll need to be an account Admin to edit this setting.

Logo advice

We would recommend using a PNG file with a transparent background for the best results, with the ideal size being 200 x 50 pixels.
Files must be under 1MB - Files over this size will not be accepted by the logo uploader.

Tip: We would advise against using a pale colour for your logo, to make sure this is inclusive and clearly visible to all that might receive the emails!


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