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Acknowledgements and notifications on forms
Acknowledgements and notifications on forms
Notify your supporters and team each time a form is submitted
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Each time a form is submitted, Beacon can automatically send both an email acknowledgement to the person who filled out the form, and a notification email to someone at your organisation that a new form has been completed.

Tip: Looking for notifications for things other than form submissions? See our related guide here.


The acknowledgement setting is on by default, but you can toggle it on or off for each form.

You will need to set who the email is marked as coming from (it defaults to whoever created the form originally), and you can then customise the text of the email that will be sent.

You can add new fields in your template by clicking the button on the right of your text:

Insert email variable

Depending on the form, you may have just one email template or you may have several to cover the various options in the form. For example Signup forms have just one template, but Membership forms have five or more!

Tip: Any replies to acknowledgement emails will go to the person marked in the Acknowledgement email from field.

Membership email templates


The notifications work in much the same way as acknowledgements, aside from who gets notified.

You can add any number of people to notify including team members (start typing their name and you can select them) or by directly entering email addresses (hit enter after each one to add it).

Tip: Replies to notifications come through to the Beacon support team for if you have any questions!

Notifications in forms

Styling notifications and acknowledgements

As well as adding a logo and banner and button colour, there are a few other ways you can add styling to your form. You also have the option to bold, italicise, or hyperlink the text in email acknowledgements, notifications or the 'Description' of any form section.

Simply highlight the text you want to add styling to, and the following options will appear:

Beacon forms also support emoji - so feel free to add some of these for an extra personal touch.

That's it! Your form notifications and acknowledgement emails now have some additional styling!

Note: you will not be able to add styling to the 'Title' of the form section or the 'Question' of form fields.

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