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Keyboard shortcuts
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Beacon has some handy keyboard shortcuts to make navigation easier and improve accessibility for users.

Default shortcuts

Navigation within a page

  • Esc → close a dialog (pop-up window or message)

  • Tab → next item on a page

  • Shift + Tab → previous item on a page

  • [ and ] → switch between page sections

'Go-to' shortcuts

'Go-to' shortcuts enable you to quickly navigate to different areas of your Beacon account. To use a 'go-to' shortcut, hold the G key and then tap the key for the page you want to go to.

  • G + D → go to dashboard

  • G + C → go to charts

  • G + F → go to forms

  • G + A → go to apps

  • G + I → go to import templates

  • G + E → go to export templates

Note: If G is already used as a shortcut key for other accessibility features, such as a screen reader, you can also use Q instead.

You can add shortcuts for specific record types by customising your shortcuts.

List pages

  • J and K → move record selection up and down

  • Enter or Space → open selected record

  • U and P → scroll 1 page

  • A → add new record

  • S → focus on search

  • F → open filter drawer

  • X → select a record

  • Shift + X → select all records between last selected and current highlighted record

Tip: To select all records in a list, use Tab to navigate to the 'Select all' checkbox and hit Space.

Create new record dialog

  • Tab → next field

  • Shift + Tab → previous field

  • Tab then Ctrl + Enter or Ctrl + Space → create

  • Tab then Ctrl + Shift + Enter or Ctrl + Shift + Space → create and new

Tip: It's important to press Tab before Ctrl + Enter. If you press Ctrl + Enter with pressing Tab first then the value that you have entered into the last field will not be saved.

Customising shortcuts

Beacon admins can add customised shortcuts for record types from the Accessibility page under the Settings section in your Beacon sidebar.

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