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Working with fundraising pages

Track who is raising money for your organisation

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The Fundraising pages record type in Beacon is your way of seeing individual instances of fundraising for your organisation. Fundraising pages typically relate to multiple other records in your database, such as the Event that the fundraiser is taking part in, or the Campaign that they're raising this money as part of. Unlike the Events record type that allows you to see an event-wide fundraising total, the Fundraising page record will allow you to see the impact of individuals and smaller teams towards your wider goals.


How fundraising pages work in Beacon

The Fundraising page record stores all of the crucial information you might need to know about a person's efforts to raise important funds for you.

Each Fundraising page has a Person that is set as the ‘Fundraiser’. This is the linked Person record of the individual that is raising the money. Since a person might want to fundraise for you on multiple different occasions, and for multiple different events, Fundraising pages allow you to separate the instances on a case-by-case basis.

People may also be creative with the ways they raise money for you! This might mean that their fundraising is not connected to a specific event your organisation is participating in. Rather than linking a Fundraising page to an Event, you could link it to the wider Campaign that their fundraising efforts were for.

The fundraising pages record type - Fields


This is the name given to the instance of fundraising that an individual or team is doing for you.

For example, if Alex is running the Beacon Marathon 2023, the name of their Fundraising page might be 'Alex runs the Beacon Marathon 2023' .

For Fundraising pages created by an app, the name of the page will be the public facing name of their fundraising campaign.


This is where you store top-level categorisation of what this Fundraising page is. We've started you off with 'Team' or 'Individual' as the most common types of Fundraising pages your supporters might set up.

This is intended to give you the broad information, and shouldn't be used to be hyper-specific.


This allows you to indicate where this Fundraising page was set up. By default, Beacon allows you to choose from JustGiving or Enthuse.

It may be the case that people apply to fundraise for your organisation via your website, or even in person. In this case you may consider editing the options in this list to include additional sources.

Tip: For Fundraising pages created by an app, the source will be set as whichever app created the record.


Does what it says on the tin! This is the person's fundraising goal - how much are they aiming to raise as part of the event they're either taking part in or holding?


This is where you can specify who it is that is raising money for your organisation.

Rather than storing their name here, it creates a link to a Person record in Beacon. By default, you can indicate just one fundraiser.

You can edit this field to also allow Organisations to be listed as the fundraiser.

Page URL

This is a place to store the direct link to the fundraising page on the external provider's website.

By using the arrow icon on the right hand side of the field, you can navigate directly to the page on their website.

Start date

When did your fundraiser set up this page and start taking donations? The start date refers to the first date this Fundraising page became open for donations. Keep up to date with their progress!

External ID

This is unique ID identifying the fundraising page on the external provider.

For Fundraising pages created by an app, this will be set automatically.


Just a place to add extra any information about this Fundraising page that doesn't fit into another field!


Add any additional documentation for this Fundraising page that you might need - This might be a great place to store any photos of the event that your fundraisers send in! You can upload multiple files, with a maximum file size of 50MB per file.


In most cases, a Fundraising page will be linked to an Event in Beacon. This is the place to make that connection!

For Fundraising pages created by an app, the Event linked can either be:

  • A user-created event - In JustGiving or Enthuse, fundraisers will be given the option to either link their fundraising page to an existing official event, or create their own event to fundraise for.

  • An official event - Some events are not user-created, but neither are they specific to your organisation. If 10 of your supporters choose to run in the London Marathon 2023 to raise money for you, you might want to be able to see that they are all participating in the same event. If the name of the event on the fundraising page in JustGiving or Enthuse matches the name of an Event that exists in Beacon, Beacon will link the Fundraising page to the existing Event.


Is this fundraising event being held as part of a wider appeal or approach?

Link your Fundraising pages to a Campaign in Beacon to group these Fundraising pages, even if individually they link to separate Events.

For example, Leslie sets up a fundraising page to run in the Beacon Marathon 2022 event, and Charlie sets up a fundraising page to hold a Bake Sale 2022 event. These fundraising pages are linked to separate events in Beacon, but may both be linked to the same Beacon summer appeal.

For Fundraising pages created by an app, the Campaign will only be imported to Beacon if your organisation has set up a campaign in JustGiving or Enthuse.

Creating new fundraising pages

Fundraising page records can come from several different places. Some will be automatic (yay!), and some will need to be manually created.

Manually creating Fundraising pages

Creating a Fundraising page is like creating any other record in Beacon. Simply go to the Fundraising pages record type in the sidebar and click 'Add Fundraising page'

Enter some details, like the name, fundraiser, start dates, and their fundraising target, then click Create. Done!

Automatically created fundraising pages

Many of your fundraisers may choose to set up their fundraising pages via an external provider such as JustGiving or Enthuse. The Fundraising pages record type was built with just this in mind!

Fundraising pages can be created by Beacon's integrations with JustGiving or Enthuse.

Adding fundraising pages in bulk with an import

When you have a lot of Fundraising pages to add, it can be much quicker to import them from a spreadsheet.

Use your CSV file to create an import template, selecting Fundraising pages as your record type.

You can then run your import and create the Fundraising pages all at once.

Adding related payments

So, your fundraiser's challenge event has begun and the donations are starting to come in. You want to be able to link these Payments to the Fundraising page so that you can see how much this fundraiser has raised for you by holding their event.

Automatically created payments

If your supporter created their Fundraising page for you in JustGiving or Enthuse, Beacon will automatically add any payments made towards that fundraising event via those providers.

For more information on what information is created by the JustGiving app in Beacon, see our JustGiving app article.

Manually created payments

If you want to manually add Payments that your supporter has raised for you, for example a cheque or cash donation, you can do this from the Fundraising pages record.

Head to the 'Payments' related record card and add your payment here.

You'll find that the payment is automatically linked to this Fundraising page.

Frequently asked questions

Why aren't my fundraising pages being automatically created?

To import Fundraising pages and have donations linked to them, make sure you enable 'Import fundraising pages?' and have selected 'Fundraising pages' in the 'Import related information?' dropdown of the donations section of the JustGiving app settings in Beacon.

What information will the integrated apps bring in to Beacon?

Beacon's integrations with JustGiving and Enthuse will pull in the following information on automatically created Fundraising page records:

  • Name

  • Source

  • Target

  • Fundraiser (if your app is set to import fundraisers)

  • Page URL

  • Start date (if set)

  • External ID

  • Event (if relevant and if your app is set to import events or under-created events)

  • Campaign (if relevant and if your app is set to import campaigns)

Will my payments from JustGiving and Enthuse automatically link to the correct fundraising page if I imported or added the fundraising page manually?

Yes! As long as you have imported or created the fundraising page with the 'External ID' from JustGiving or Enthuse, Payments created in Beacon by these apps will be correctly linked to that Fundraising page.

Why does the name of the Fundraising page in Beacon look different to the name in JustGiving?

The name you see on the Fundraising page in Beacon is set automatically when the app creates the record. Since the app creates the Fundraising page in Beacon soon after the page is created in JustGiving, Beacon sets the name on the record as the page title automatically generated by them. This follows the structure '{fundraiser_name}‘s {event_name} page’ (e.g Charlie's Bake Sale 2022 page).

It's likely that your fundraiser will change or customise the title of their page in JustGiving, but this information does not get changed to Beacon immediately. As soon as a donation comes through and is created in Beacon, the new information about the fundraising page will be used to update the records in Beacon. At this point, the name of the Fundraising page should match the page title in JustGiving.

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