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Beacon's in-built to-do list - how to view and create tasks manually or via Beacon forms

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Tasks are Beacon's inbuilt to-do list with one very key feature: Tasks can be linked to any record in your Beacon database. Whether you're reaching out to key donors, assigning someone in finance to check particular payments, or reminding yourself to submit a grant application, Tasks can keep you on track and up to date.


Viewing tasks

On a record

Creating a card on your records is one of the best ways to surface the relevant tasks. Some records will have a task card set up by default, but if you don't see one you can add it to any record type that you like.

Note: You will need to be an admin to add this card.

Create a new tasks card:

  1. Enter customisation mode

  2. Click 'Add card' under your existing cards on the right hand side

  3. Choose 'List of related records'

  4. Enter a title, and choose an icon, to be displayed at the top of your card

  5. Choose Tasks as the record type to list

  6. Choose the record type that Tasks point at that you'd like to display (almost always the record type you're on!)

    Note: Can't see your record type as an option? Click here for more info.

  7. Select 'Related to' as the field on Tasks that point at your record type

  8. Choose the fields to display on your card

  9. (optional) This will show all related tasks. If you'd like to only see incomplete tasks, click 'Filter tasks' and filter for 'Completed?' is not checked.

  10. Click Save!

On the task list

If you'd prefer to have access to all of the tasks in your Beacon account, you can view them directly from the Tasks record type.

Note: Can't see tasks in your sidebar? See our guide on customising the items in your sidebar.

By default, you will see all tasks; those of your whole team, related to all record types, both completed and incomplete. To see just the tasks you want, use the filters to narrow the records on display. Save them to a view to make it easy to come back to regularly.

Some suggestions and examples for views:

  • Your tasks - Filter for 'Assignee' is you.

  • Tasks for a particular team - Create a dropdown field called 'Team'. Filter for the chosen 'Team'.

  • Incomplete tasks - Filter for 'Completed?' is unchecked.

  • Overdue tasks - Filter for 'Due date' before today, and 'Completed?' is unchecked.

On your dashboard

Keep tabs on your most pressing tasks by adding a list to your dashboard. See the dashboard guide to learn how.

Creating tasks

From a record

If your record has a related tasks card, simply click the '+' button on the card to add a task related to the current record.

You will see that both the 'Assignee' (the current user) and the 'Related to' (the current record) fields have been automatically completed.

Autocomplete details new task

Add any details about the task, and click Create. You'll now see your new task in the card, and also in your main list of tasks.

From the task list

Add a new task from the main task list like creating any other record: Click the Add task button, enter your details, and click Create.


Assign a task to a team member

When creating a new task, it doesn't have to be your task; you can create a task for any other user of Beacon. This can be a great way to delegate jobs to your team where they can find all the related information easily.

Simply change the 'Assignee' to the user that the task is for. That's it! You can re-assign tasks assigned to someone else, or assign it when creating the task.

Bonus: Creating tasks from forms

It can be useful to automatically create a new task for a team member when one of your signup forms have been submitted - whether it's to follow up with them, send them documentation, or to initiate some other process.

Note: Tasks can only be created from Signup forms.

  1. Scroll down to the 'Fixed data' section of your form

  2. Click 'Add record type' and choose 'Tasks'

  3. Add any fixed data for the Task. You will probably want to enter a 'Name' (what the task is), an 'Assignee' (who the task is for), and a due date

Now when a new signup happens, a new task related to that Person will also be created.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can tasks send me an email when it's created/due?

Not yet, but this is functionality that we are planning very shortly! Let us know if you'd like to be notified (pun intended!) when this is available.

When creating a related record card, Beacon shows only record types that Tasks currently point at. If your record type isn't in the list, you'll have to add it to the things Tasks can be related to. To allow tasks to point at your chosen record type:

  1. Open a Task record

  2. Enter customisation mode

  3. Click on the Related to field to edit it

  4. Select the record types that you'd like tasks to point at from the Add types dropdown

  5. Click Save

Can tasks be private?

All tasks are visible to all users. If you have access to roles and permissions on your account, you can restrict the visibility of all tasks to only some users.

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