Card: Summary metric

Show a single number that summarises information stored on related records

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What is it?

The Summary metric card is another useful card in Beacon. It allows you to show a single number, summarising related records.

Here's a few examples:

  1. Sum of all donations a person has made:

Screenshot 2019-12-06 at 10.01.34

2. Number of people working at an organisation:

Screenshot 2019-12-06 at 10.02.27

3. Number of events a person has attended:

Screenshot 2019-12-06 at 10.01.51

Card settings

Title & icon

This is fairly self explanatory. Feel free to pick the title and icon that you feel is most intuitive.

This is the field on the record type that you're summarising that points to the record type you're adding the card to.

Let's say you wanted to sum up payments made by someone when viewing their person record. On the payment record type, the "Donor" field is pointing at the person record type:

As such, you would choose the Donor field in this related field option:

Screenshot 2019-12-06 at 11.07.44

Metric & summary field

The metric lets you decide the kind of metric you'd like to show. If you just would like to show the number of related records, you can set that:

Screenshot 2019-12-06 at 11.11.39

Alternatively, if you would like to sum up a numeric field (e.g. payment amount), you can do so:

Screenshot 2019-12-06 at 11.11.55


Last but not least - filters. Sometimes you won't want to sum up all related records - just a subset of them. Filters allow you to define the criteria you want, using the standard Beacon filtering interface.

Screenshot 2019-12-06 at 11.13.10

Advanced scenarios

This card works similar to the List of related records card, but it does not (yet) support more advanced scenarios, like:

  • Show the total donations made by someone's personal trust, when viewing their person record

  • Show the total donations made by all employees at an organisation this year (although this can mostly be achieved using rollup fields)

If these are interesting to you, please let us know!

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