Card: Lookup list of fields

Surface fields from records that are pointed at by this record

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Heads up! This is a guide for admins. If you're not an admin yet, ask your Beacon admin to promote you so you can start managing fields.

The Lookup list of fields is a useful card in Beacon for surfacing data that relates to the record you're looking at. Unlike the list of related records (which lists records that point at this record), this card lets you surface fields from records that are pointed at by this record.

Here's a couple of examples:

  1. When viewing a payment, surface fields from the payer (e.g. email address, phone number)

2. When viewing a person, surface fields from the organisation they work for (e.g. website, type)

Adding a new card

You can add a new lookup list of fields card at the bottom of your existing cards. This way, it displays in line with the main information for that record.

To add a new lookup list of fields card, click Add Card at the bottom of your existing cards, while in customisation mode and select Lookup list of fields as the type.

Card settings

Title & icon

This is fairly self explanatory. Feel free to pick the title and icon that you feel is most intuitive.

The field on the record type that points at other record types. For example, the Payer field on payments, or the Person field on event attendees.

List of fields

For each record type that the related field above can point at, you'll see a drop-down list, where you can choose the fields that you'd like to surface in this card.

Frequently asked questions

What is shown if a record points at multiple other records?

If a field includes multiple options in the related field, then you'll see some tabs appear - making it easy to see information from each of the related records.

Screenshot 2021-09-28 at 20.08.37

Is it possible to edit pointed at records from the lookup list of fields card?

No. To edit pointed at records (e.g. the payer of the payment), you'll need to click through to the payer and edit them there.

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