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Generate a chart from any data you have stored in your database

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In Beacon, you can generate a chart for any data you have stored in your database. This includes the standard record types like People and Payments, plus any custom record types you've created as well.

To manage your charts, visit the Charts page in the sidebar.

Creating a chart

You can generate a chart from any kind of record in your Beacon account. For example - let's look at all payments in our Beacon database, grouped by the type field:

This shows the number of payments, grouped by the payment type.

We can also change the "metric" to sum of amount to show the total amount paid, grouped by the payment type.


Using filters with charts

It's also possible to generate a chart from a filtered set of your data. For example, you might want to:

  • Show the new volunteers added this year

  • Show payments grouped by source that were donations

  • Show the payments grouped by type that happened in the last 30 days

To filter the data you generate a chart from, click the filter icon, and then add your filters. The chart will be auto-updated.


Frequently asked questions

What permissions are needed to view a chart?

To view a chart, either on a dashboard or in the Charts section from your sidebar, a user would need at least these permissions:

  1. Charts feature - 'Read'

  2. Record type that the chart is based on - 'Read' for at least one field on that record type

  3. Grouping field - 'Read'

  4. Fields used in the chart's filters - 'Read'

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