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Success actions on form submit
Success actions on form submit

What happens when a supporter submits a form - deciding what they should see next

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Your form has been filled out, everything is ready to go. There's just one thing ready to do: hit that Submit button. But, what happens next?

Pick your message

First, set what message you'd like to display on the success screen.

Screenshot 2020-01-22 at 17.40.01

You get to decide what happens next

Then you have three options - it's kind of like a 'Choose Your Own Adventure' book where you get to decide what happens next!

Do nothing

You'll simply get the success screen and it'll stay there. Ideal for if your form opens in a new window so the user will feel comfortable to close it.

"A troll appears, and swallows you whole!".

Screenshot 2020-01-22 at 17.40.44

Redirect to a link

After the form has submitted and shown the success message, a few seconds later it will redirect the user to any URL of your choice such as your home page or a campaign page.

​"A troll appears, but you've run away and escaped!"

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Tip: Don't forget to include https:// at the beginning of the url or it won't work!

Show submit button again

This presents a button to reset the form ready be filled out again. Great for if you want your user to fill out the form more than once, or for donations/signups at events where you want to keep using the form for the next person.

"A troll appears, you stand your ground and fight!"

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Frequently asked questions

My form isn't redirecting, why is that?

Redirecting to another link only works on standalone Beacon forms, so embedded forms wouldn't work with this feature!

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