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Can I log in to Beacon on multiple devices?
Can I log in to Beacon on multiple devices?

Beacon's restrictions on the number of devices you can use at once and how to switch to a new device

Updated over a week ago

Every user must have their own login. Beacon does not allow logins to be shared between users.

You can use your Beacon login on one device at once. You can switch between devices, but doing may caused you to be logged out of your other running sessions. For example, if you've just upgraded your desktop PC to a newer version, you'll be able to easily switch from the old desktop to the new desktop. If you want to log in to Beacon at home then that's just fine.

Why does Beacon restrict the number of devices I can use at once?

Good question! There's one main reason:

It's more secure

Sharing login details with your team (which we don't allow) increases the likelihood of someone getting access to your password.

By monitoring and restricting logins from new devices, it means that hackers are less likely to gain access to your account.

Tip: We also strongly recommend you enable two-factor authentication on your account, which also helps prevent others from accessing your data.

How can I switch to a new device?

  1. When logging in with a new device, you'll be shown a message like the below:

  2. To use Beacon on your new device, you'll need to give your device a name, confirm that this device belongs to you and that you are not sharing a login, and convince us that you're not a robot.

  3. That's it! You'll be taken straight through to your account.

I can't switch devices!

If you're having trouble switching devices this is usually caused by a problem with the cookies on your machine. Often a simple refresh is all that is needed to properly activate your new device.

Tip: the Beacon support team can switch devices immediately for you. Get in touch and we'll get things sorted!

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