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Your Beacon Invoice

Understanding your Beacon Invoice

Updated over a week ago

Beacon automatically issues charges or invoices to you through our payment partner Stripe.

You can find all of your historical invoices at the bottom of your Billing page (Settings > Billing)

Your invoice will give you an itemised description of everything in your account. Here's an example:

Limit increases

This will show you any limit increases you have included in your account.


Each element that is enabled on your account will show as a separate line item.


Your plan will show as a line item including your current contact limit for your plan.

Unused & remaining time

Pro-rata billing calculations are made automatically when you make changes to your account from your Billing page, and will be reflected on your next charge. More info about how these calculations are made is available in our fair billing policy.

Note: these line items may seem a little complex, they ensure that you are only billed for the time users are active on your account.

Let's look at an example. Here we originally had 5000 contacts on the Standard plan and had the Fundraising element enabled. The account was set up on the 7th of February so the billing period runs from the 7th Feb - 7th March.

Then, on the 9th of February we've increased the number of contacts to 7500, increased custom fields, and added the Memberships and Roles and Permissions elements.
This generates a new invoice to bring the account up to date which you can see here:

Two kinds of line items have been added to the next billing statement:

Unused time

This is a negative amount for the remaining time on the items that have changed. As you can see above, there is unused time for the Standard plan with 5k contacts (because we've changed it to 7.5k contacts) and for the Fundraising element, because the increase in contact limit has increased the price of this element.

Since you won't be using these items for the rest of the month, their cost is deducted from your new total.

Remaining time

The remaining time items are pro-rata amounts for the remaining time in this billing period (9th Feb - 7th March).

Next month, these items will be billed for their full amounts.

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