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Changing Stripe & GoCardless subscription amounts in bulk
Changing Stripe & GoCardless subscription amounts in bulk
Updated over a week ago

When you want to change a single recurring card (Stripe) or Direct Debit (GoCardless) subscription, you can use in-built Stripe and GoCardless cards to do that without ever leaving your Beacon account (example below).

In most situations, this works great! However - what happens if want to change subscription amounts in bulk?

Example use-case

Let's say you're a membership organisation, and you charge people Β£100/year for their membership. This price has been fixed for quite a few years now, so you'd like to increase the price to Β£115/year instead. You have 2,000 members.

The Stripe or GoCardless cards won't cut it here! Changing 2,000 subscriptions one by one would take about 6 hours, if you assume each subscription takes 10 seconds, with no breaks 😬.

How to change subscription amounts in bulk

The good news is that Beacon has a feature specifically for this!

  1. Select all of the subscriptions you'd like to change

  2. Click the dots icon, and then choose Change subscription amounts:


  3. Enter the new amount and then click Change subscriptions

The subscription amounts will be changed one by one. If you're changing a lot it'll probably take a while - but far less than if you had to do it manually!

Be very careful! We strongly recommend notifying your donors in advance of any change, and triple checking that you're changing the correct subscriptions.

Tips for changing amounts


Beacon's feature doesn't affect subscription frequency. Remember that when filtering subscriptions, some might be monthly and some annual. We recommend changing them separately.

Inactive subscriptions

When making the update, the bulk change will stop if it hits an error. Be sure to filter to only include active subscriptions before starting a bulk update.

Customer emails

GoCardless automatically notifies subscribers when their Direct debit amount changes. They won't be surprised to see this - as long as you notify them in advance!

Non-Stripe/GoCardless subscriptions

Beacon automatically skips over subscriptions that aren't Stripe or GoCardless subscriptions when running a bulk change. These subscriptions will not be affected in any way.

Frequently asked questions

Can I update subscriptions that didn't come from a Beacon form?

Unfortunately not, as GoCardless don't allow us to change any subscriptions that were originally created by a different app, or created manually. If you need to change these, you'll either need to change them manually in your account, or reach out to GoCardless directly.

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