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Understanding timelines

Easily see changes and activity relating to your records

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Beacon includes a timeline view for your records so that you can easily see the changes and activity over time.

Your timeline will automatically log key information including:

  • Record creation - Who or what the creation came from

  • Changes to the record - Who or what made changes, and what was changed

It will also automatically link data from other actions:

  • Document merge - Linked to the document created/sent

  • Email correspondence - Email messages using Smart Bcc, Mailchimp email confirmation, and acknowledgement emails from forms

Furthermore, you are able to add additional information manually by logging activities. Use an activity to make a note of meetings, phone calls, or other activities

Note: You can find more about the Activity record type here πŸ‘€

Automatic information logs ("Audit logs")

Basic changes to a record will automatically create a timeline story.

When and how the record was created, who created it, and initial details.

Ongoing changes make similar stories, including the specific details that were changed. These details all form part of a record's audit history so that you know exactly how it has changed over time, and where the changes have come from.

Note: These are permanent stories and cannot be edited or deleted.

Automatic linked information

Some actions related to a record will automatically add timeline information.

Document merge

When you create a document merge you have the option to automatically include a link to the document created on the record's timeline.

Email correspondence

Several forms of email correspondence can be linked to a record.

Smart Bcc - Using any email platform, you can include any messages sent on the relevant timeline by simply including your Smart Bcc email address in correspondence.

Acknowledgement emails from forms - When someone fills out a Beacon form you have the option to email a receipt once they submit, and this will also add it to the timeline of that person.


Mailchimp campaigns - When you send a Mailchimp campaign, Beacon will add a timeline story for the campaign name and subject line.

Adding additional information

Want to add a note, or details of a phone call or meeting? Simply use the button at the top your timeline!


You will then see a dialog for creating your new timeline activity. By default, Beacon has a few different types of activities already set up.

The content field provides space to leave your note, or notes about your phone call or meeting. If you choose the email type, then you'll see some additional fields for adding more information about that email.

Searching and filtering activities

There are two ways to explore your activities.

Filtering the visible activities on a timeline

You can use the filter on any record's timeline to choose the timeline entries that you would like to see:

  • Audit logs

  • Form submissions

  • Activities based on type (you will see a list of all of the values from your activity record 'type' field)

  • Timelines of related records

  • Only on organisations: Timelines of people pointing to this organisation

Searching and filtering Activity records from the Activity record list page

Although activity records are special and appear on timelines, you can also view them like you would view any other record type. If you head to Settings -> Sidebar you can add the Activity record type to your sidebar. This allows you to view all of your activities and to search and filter them, just like any other record in Beacon.

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