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Limiting the users in a point to a user field
Limiting the users in a point to a user field

Show only the relevant users in your user drop-downs

Updated over a week ago

Ever feel like you're scrolling through the entire cast to find the main character for your Link to a user fields? Introducing the option of limiting user fields!
Here instead of having the whole user base appear when wanting to link a Beacon user, why not pre-select a small handful to shine a light on those that require the spotlight? ✨

This will mean that only those preselected will appear as suggested users when you're wanting to link a user to a record - which will keep your information nice and tidy, and make the process a lot easier if you have more than a handful of Beacon users! Winning!

How do I do this?

You will be able to do this by creating a Link to a User field type - clicking the "Select users to include?" toggle - and selecting those you wish to include. Once saved, you'll be all set!


Note: If you need some help on how to create fields, please see our guide article here on how to do so!

Frequently asked questions

What if I want to edit the list displayed?

Adjusting users from this list could not be easier! Simply go to edit the field in question, and change the list as desired.

Note: Need a refresher on editing fields? We're got you set here!

What happens when I import users for the field, and they are not on the list?

When you're importing data concerning who is linked on the record, data will import based on what is included in the CSV imported rather than what is currently listed through the field.

This list is a front end visual, and will not affect data that has been selected or imported before or after its creation. This would mean that users not included on the list can still be listed in this field type if imported from external sources.

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