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Working with trust and foundation grants
Working with trust and foundation grants

Manage your organisation's funding applications through their entire lifecycle

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Beacon makes it easy for you to manage your fundraising grants through their entire lifecycle.

If you're applying for grant funding for your organisation, it's likely that you have to juggle quite a number of grants at once - all of which have different deadline dates, application forms, and primary contact details.

With Beacon, you can store all of this information in one secure place, and easily see where you're at with the grants you're managing.

Creating trust and foundation grants

You can create trust and foundation grants in Beacon just like any other record. Navigate over to the grants tab in the sidebar, and click Add trust and foundation grant.

Beacon includes a variety of standard information that you can complete, including:

  • Amount (value)

  • Application deadline date

  • Organisation providing the grant

  • An "owner" - the person responsible for managing this grant application

If you'd like to store additional data on your grants that isn't available out of the box, you can add additional fields to store the information. Read customising record types to learn more.

Managing grant pipelines

If you're applying for multiple grants at once, it's important to keep on top of where you're at with every application at any point in time.

To help with this you can create a pipeline view of your records, which makes it easy to visualise grants as they progress through your different stages:

Note: To create a pipeline view based on grant stage, pick the 'Stage' field as the pipeline field when creating the view.

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