Billing add-ons are only available for existing customers on old, licence-based pricing. For information about moving to new pricing, see this article.

Beacon is priced per-user, per-month, as shown on the pricing page, with different plans offering different features and limits.

Sometimes it can be challenging to decide on the right plan for you. Changing plans can mean a big change in price, which might not make sense if you only want one one feature, or want to increase one of your limits slightly.

For example:

You're on the Basic plan, but you'd like to install the Mailchimp app. You're on the Professional plan, but workflows (Premium plan) look really exciting for automating some of your manual tasks. You're on the Premium plan, but your database is growing fast and you need more space.

Add-ons help you increase your limits (or enable features) without needing to upgrade your Beacon plan.

Add-on prices


Cost: +£10/month (per form)

Available on: all plans

Forms let you integrate your website and your Beacon database easily, and take care of everything to do with payment processing.

Your forms limit is based on the number of live forms (e.g. donation, event registration) you have at any point in time. You can switch on/off your forms at any time.

For example, if you had:

  • 1 live donation form

  • 1 live signup form

  • 1 not live event registration form (from an event last month)

This would count as 2 forms.

[info] Forms that you build outside of Beacon (e.g. in your website's backend, or SurveyMonkey) are not counted in this limit.

Custom fields

Cost: +£10/month (per 10 custom fields)

Available on: all plans

Your custom fields limit is the amount of customisation that you can make to your database. Out-of-the-box fields (e.g. person name, payment amount) are not counted - only the custom fields you create are counted.

For example, if you created:

  • 3 new fields on people

  • 5 new fields on payments

  • 10 fields on a brand new record type

This would count as 18 custom fields.

[info] Want to see if you're using one of your custom fields? Use the "is not blank" filter.


Cost: +£10/month (per app)

Available on: Basic only (unlimited apps are free on all other plans)

Apps are third-party integrations with providers like Mailchimp, JustGiving, and iZettle, available through the Beacon apps directory.

If you're on the Basic plan, and you want to install 1 app (e.g. JustGiving), you can purchase a single app add-on to install it.

[info] CSV import templates in Beacon's template library are not "apps" - and are available on all plans.


Cost: +£100/month (flat fee)

Available on: Professional only

Workflows are a fun and powerful feature for automating manual tasks in your Beacon database.

They are a Premium-only feature, but on the Professional plan you can pay a flat monthly fee to enable them.

You can create as many workflows as you like once enabled.


Cost: +£100/month (flat fee)

Available on: Professional only

The Portal is a powerful form type that allows people (supporters, clients, volunteers) to access and make changes to their details in your Beacon database.

The Portal is a Premium-only feature, but on the Professional plan you can pay a flat monthly fee to enable it.

Once enabled, each "portal" form you create will also count against your forms limit.


Cost: +£20/month (per 10k people)

Available on: Premium only

Each plan has its own maximum number of people that you can store in the database.

The Premium (highest) plan allows you to create up to 100k people. If you need to store more than 100k people, you'll need to purchase an add-on to increase your limit.

For example, let's say you want to increase your limit from 100k to 130k.

You need an additional 30k people added, so you'll need to purchase this add-on 3 times.

[info] Archived people are not counted in the people limit. Neither are organisations - only humans!

Changing your add-ons

Note: Only admins (or users with edit access to billing settings) can change your add-ons.

  1. Open the Settings > Billing page in your account.

  2. Click "Manage add-ons" button.

Manage add-ons
  1. Make the changes you want. You'll notice that Beacon will automatically show you a handy preview message about how this will affect your price.

Add-ons billing preview
  1. Click Update, and confirm your changes.

That's it! Your limits will be immediately updated. We'll also email all admins of your account about the changes.

Frequently asked questions

I can't remove my add-ons!

Most likely, this means that decreasing your add-on quantity will bring your account over your allowed limits:

Screenshot 2021-02-07 at 09.57.48

You'll need to reduce the the amount you're using the feature you're decreasing to remove your add-ons.

What happens when I change plan?

When you change your Beacon plan, we automatically check to see if your add-ons are still needed (based on the new plan limits). We'll decrease or remove add-ons automatically, to ensure that you only pay for what you need. For example:

You're on the Basic plan, and have purchased 20 additional custom fields as an add-on. You're upgrading to Professional, which includes enough custom fields as standard (along with a bunch of other exciting features). Your custom fields add-ons will be removed automatically when you upgrade. You're on the Professional plan, and you've purchased the workflows add-on. You're upgrading to Premium, which includes the workflows feature as standard. Your workflows add-on will be removed automatically when you upgrade.

We're paying annually - is our annual discount applied on these prices?

Yes. Discounts are applied to all of your invoice "line items", including add-ons.

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